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        Welcome! Please join us for Lenten services - new faces always welcome!!!!

      Our Lady of the Chesapeake Church

      Fr. Brian RaffertyWelcome from our Pastor

      When Jesus first noticed anyone manifesting any curiosity at all about Him, for example, where He lived, Jesus said: "Come and see."  That is the invitation and welcome I would extend to you, Dear Reader.  If there is anything you want to know about us, stop by and join us when we gather.  If you want to know a family, watch them when they celebrate, when they party.  When we gather for worship, to acknowledge who we are as a grateful People before a Loving God, this is when we are most what we hope to be.

      For Jesus to have had such a powerfully permanent effect on so many people, He must have had an awesomely "attractive" personality.  May we presume that something of this "attraction" is what prompted you to check us out from this safe distance behind your PC?

      We hope the next step is liberating for you.  Come to search the Truth with us; it is this Truth that Jesus promised will set us all free!  What a marvelous gift! Welcome!

      Fr. Brian Rafferty

    • Founding Pastor
      Father Walter J. Paulits
      April 24, 1923 - June 4, 2011
      Pastor in Coelo (Pastor in Heaven)